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Canada is not a happy place. Canadians all over the country are showing their discontent by protesting and demonstrating on numerous issues, both local and national. Unfortunately, demonstrating and/or protesting will not yield positive results since the federal parliament couldn’t care less about citizens’ opinions, and it is the federal parliament that sets the tone (economic, political, social, etc.) for the nation and all lower levels of government. Since most discontent is economically related, it follows that all protests directed at other than the conservative federal parliament, are  a complete waste of energy and resources. There are approximately 150,000 NGOs in Canada whose supporters expend considerable time and effort in promoting their particular interests, rarely achieving desired results, simply because the funds and/or the political will is not there.

This behaviour resembles the so called classic definition of insanity,  “doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.” The vast majority of activists and protesters have no idea of how our political system really works, or even why there is a necessity to protest. It’s time that Canadians find out how our country really functions, and it’s not pretty. Canada is not a sovereign state. Canada is not a democracy. Our political system is rotten to the core and beyond rehabilitation.


The only solution is a massive voter revolt to rebuild our political system to one that reflects the needs and hopes of Canadian citizens, not the banksters and their corporate cronies. The content on this site will show how things really work, resulting in a steady decline in our quality of life and our democracy.  To do nothing guarantees further erosion to all things that Canadians cherish.

This Says It All!

All disaffected citizens of Canada must band together to attain common goals through our votes.
No government could  withstand such a challenge.

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