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Harper’s government is ILLEGAL and the Conservative Party must be dissolved, states Will Arlow,  long time member of the Elections Canada Advisory Committee of Political Parties. Arlow is an electoral insider who knows the fraud committed by Harper Conservatives to steal the 2006 federal election. Canadian law says any party which commits such a crime be DE-LISTED. Bill C-23, passed in the House of Commons on May 13, 2014, threatens to enshrine unethical voter manipulation and pull the teeth from Elections Canada to make sure our elections are fair. The Bill is expected to pass through the Senate without issue.

Fair Elections Act Significantly Compromises Canadian Democracy

Paul McMurray:   Just Us, With a Ballot: A Call to Action in Response  to the Fair Elections Act
COMER Journal May-June, Pg 4 (must read)

Will Arlow: The Harper Conservative Agenda 5:00

Will Arlow: Mechanics Of Electoral Fraud In Canada 7:20 (short version)

Detailed Mechanics of Electoral Fraud  6:50 – 68:00 (long version) must watch
(this video should start automatically at 6:50)

The Robocall Scandal And A Call For Justice! 11:44

Election Day In Canada: When Voter Suppression Comes Calling
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Everything you need to know about the Fair Elections Act

160 Canadian Professors Protest Fair Elections Act

International Scholars Denounce Fair Elections Act

Fair Elections Act: Why Canadians are shrugging it off

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