In 1963, my first year at Sir George Williams University (now Concordia U), my favorite course was Economics 211 (introductory economics, usually called 101). It was a very popular course and had an excellent professor, Muriel Armstrong.

I was a Commerce student following an accounting major degree, but I fell in love with economics. What I liked most was how economics made sense of daily life. There are many “things” in life that we intuitively feel are somehow connected to other things , sometimes related, sometimes not. For example “supply & demand”.  We know intuitively if there is a lot of something, the price will be relatively accessible. If there is scarcity, then the price will likely go up  and keep rising.

In my 2nd year, I switched my major to economics. (accounting was brutal with 15 hr assignments, which seriously cut into my drinking time at the (in)famous Stanley Tavern). That year. 1964, I signed up for Price Theory (Economics 411) which, if I recall, was a newly emerging theory. What a pile of bullshit! Tons of highly complex formulas that had absolutely nothing to do with the real world. And this was before computers (which were just emerging), so it took hours to generate data that had nothing to do with anything.

I may not be the smartest guy around, but I sure ain’t the dumbest either.  Over the last 50 years, my attitude has been: if I can’t make sense of what a talking head is spouting at me, then it’s likely a pile of bullshit. (are all you politicans listening?) This attitude has served me well, especially with regard to economics (and other areas not relevant here). Whew! and all this, just to say.

What kind of idiots are we electing? When a government runs a deficit, that means that they are putting money into the economy, which is exactly what they should be doing to stimulate the economy. Even the IMF, the worst banking whore on the planet says so. So what does Harper, a so called economist, do? He’s going to run a surplus, taking money out of the economy!

Harper has the worst economic growth record of any PM in the last 80 years.  Will someone please go to Harper’s riding and let the voters know what their “representative” is doing.

Time to get rid of all these ‘politicians’, and elect some decent, moral Canadians who care about our country and its future.