Climate Change

This is, by far, the toughest subject I have tried to tackle, so bear with me as I try to illustrate why and how I made a 180º degree turn. In the interest of brevity and clarity, I’m not going to mince my words

I started this post in Sep, 2014 which was not long after being awakened from my brain dead existence in late 2013. The original content of this post clearly shows that I was a believer in global warming at that time. Even then, the cracks were beginning to appear as it became clear to me that anyone using the term “global warming” was a complete idiot. I really wanted to believe; being an old hippie from the 70’s, anti big business, anti war, and so on.

Now, 2 years after arising from a very long coma, with my brain efficiency improving (I hope), I can re-examine this subject from a fresher personal perspective:
# 1, follow the money.
#2, all central and most major banks are the most evil entity in existence.
#3, almost all politicians are corrupt to their core, the higher they rise, the more so.
#4, most major corporations are a detriment to our lives
#5, it is all about power and greed, NOTHING else matters.

In my view the central issue is energy. Cheap and abundant energy is the key to social & economic progress.
The first world became the dominant  global power because of carbon energy.

3 worlds

The second world evolved from the communist bloc during the Cold War, and also has access to carbon energy.
The third world is all the remaining countries who have considerable resources, but not the technology or funding to develop said resources.
Currently, the 2nd world is seriously challenging America’s global hegemony, while America is trying to prevent 3rd world development of their carbon resources, through restrictions born of their Climate Change agenda. Of course, the USA will be more than happy to provide wind & solar power to the 3rd world in exchange for access to their natural resources.

If the list of videos below appear overwhelming, then you can watch the video immediately below. It summarizes the issue in less than 8 minutes.

On Global Warming  (over 2.3 million views)

“Don’t do as I do, do as I say”.

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The above is a very well researched article followed by an excellent discussion by articulate supporters and deniers of Climate Change.

All material below this line was published on September 8, 2014

11 years of burning  fossil fuels at current rates before the the climate system is pushed past the tipping point.

The fossil fuel industry and skeptics haven’t done the slightest thing to refute the above statement.

Maximum CO2 release by 2050 = 565 Gigatons <> Proven Reserves in the ground 2,795 Gigatons 
80% must stay in the ground = $20 Trillion Write Off for the Fossil Fuel corporations
Chances of This Happening???? 

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