Blueprint for Revolution

As mentioned on the home page, if protesters don’t organize, their efforts will not be successful. The Occupy Movement is a good example of failure. Once protesters are organized, they will begin to have an impact, causing the establishment forces to react, usually through intimidation, resulting in fear and anger on the part of protesters.

In almost every instance, protesters will respond irrationally (because of fear and anger) with force and violence, which is exactly the reaction that the establishment wants. Protesters cannot win playing by the establishment’s  rules.  The public will not support violence.

There is a better way that will gain public support.

Why Civil Resistance Works (pdf)

The best way, however, is the use of humour and ridicule, rendering the establishment’s game plan impotent.

The Power of Laughtivism 13:12

Centre for Applied Nonviolent Action and Strategies

Srdja Popovic on The Current  25:00

The Yes Men Background

The Yes Men Web Site