About This Site

This site is the result of several hundred hours of research into the recent decline of Canada. My quest has taken me far and wide and clearly shows that Canada’s decline is not an unintended or isolated event. Initially, I put together a presentation focusing primarily on Canada, which you can download here.

The decline is global in scope, ongoing and accelerating. The purpose of this site is to present global and emerging information as the state of the world continues to deteriorate.

The content of this site is largely made up of links to videos, audios, articles, websites and people that present relevant information far more effectively than I ever could. In general, I present Canadian links first, then global links. I try to present the links in order of importance. I will continue to add to existing links as my research discovers additional or developing relevant information. These links, IMO, represent the cream of the crop. It is simply astounding how much garbage is out there trying to pass itself off as information of value, especially content from corporate media.

If, in your travels, you discover links that would fit well with the purpose of this site, please forward for inclusion.

About Me

I was an average Canadian.  Despite all the atrocities taking place all around the world, I thought that Canada was a kinder, gentler society.  I went about my daily life, largely ignoring increasing signs of discontent across the country. I believed I was a responsible Canadian. After all, I always voted in federal elections, and I supported a couple of citizen advocacy organizations. I didn’t really get involved in politics. The few times that I tried to look at politics more closely, I walked away, feeling so dirty that I wanted to wash my hands. I was doing exactly what our political system wanted me to do…disengage. Sound familiar?

In September, 2013, while surfing the web, and purely by accident, I discovered how clueless I was.  We do not live in a democracy. We have a government that has stolen 100’s of billions of dollars of our money. We have a government that is actively working to destroy the Canada that most of us know and cherish.

Since that discovery, I have spent countless hours researching this subject. The more research I did, the darker the picture of our country became. Even now, after all the research, I find it hard to believe the kind of society that we live in. I have taken all this information and created a presentation which explains how and why this happened. More important, I propose a solution which will put a stop to what Canada is becoming, and how we, the citizens of Canada, can take control of our destiny and begin to restore our country to the model society that it once was.

You can download or view the presentation here.


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