in alphabetical order by last name

Murray Dobbin  Opinions on The Tyee

Rocco Galati  Canada’s Top Constitutional Lawyer and Canada’s Greatest Citizen!
Always Fighting Long Shots  

This Says It All!

Allan Gregg: 1984 in 2012 – The Assault on Reason

Joseph Heath  In Due Course

Mel HurtigWho K i l l e d Canada? 75 min (Canada’s foremost nationalist) Latest Book

Asad Ismi – writer on international politics specializing in U.S. and Canadian imperialism and their impact on the Global South.

Elizabeth May       Website         On You Tube

Henry Mintzberg: Rebalancing Society  26:00

Stefan Molyneux     Website     Everyday Anarchy (pdf)      mp3 version

Peter Smoczynski – please support his very important project

Moses Znaimer  ideacity Conference



William K Black      On You Tube       Tells the Real Truth About Banksters  8:06

Noam Chomsky      Website          On You Tube         Noam Chomsky on stupid people

Michael Hudson      Website      On You Tube

David Korten        Author, Lecturer, Engaged Citizen

Ray McGovern co-creator Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS)

Ralph Nader     Website        On You Tube            How to Dismantle the Corporate State  12:41

Greg Palast – a no holds barred investigative journalist

Thomas Piketty: Capital in the 21st Century (the most important economic study of the modern era)

Robert Reich      On You Tube

Matt Taibbi: Time to Jail the Banksters 10:42

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