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Press Progress    Advancing progressive solutions with hard-hitting news and analysis
Harper Watch  Compiling the Harper Government’s Assault on Democracy

West Coast Native News
CCPA   Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
CCPA Blog Behind the Numbers
TVO TV Ontario (politics – current affairs)
Canadian Progressive Voices
UnseatHarper.ca  superbly indexed, extremely detailed list of harper’s travesties
Desmog Canada  Clearing the PR Pollution that Clouds the Public Square
HuffPost Politics
Globe and Mail – News/Politics
Montreal Simon

Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization  (Montreal Based)
Institute for Political Economy
(Paul Craig Roberts)
RT (Russia Today)
Aljazeera America  


Other News

The Tyee
Canadians for Tax Fairness
Dogwood Initiative  Stand up for BC. Join us.
Press for Truth  Smashing the Pyramid One Brick at a Time   Into the Fire 2 hrs          United We Fall 2 hrs



COMER  Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform. Please see May-June edition of ER for complete details of April 24, 2014 court decision in favour of COMER.
Occupy Our Bank – Blog

Ellen BrownPublic Banking Institute
                             – Web of Debt


CBC Archives  use CBC Player +

The Current with Anna Maria Tremonti   + Radio / The Current
The Sunday Edition with Michael Enright  +  Radio / The Sunday Edition
The House with Evan Solomon  +  Radio / The House
Ideas with Paul Kennedy  +  Radio / Ideas
The National: At Issue Panel  (Canada’s most watched political panel) + TV / Shows / The National / At Issue

Pundits’ Guide to Canadian Federal Elections

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